Laundry Solutions for Subscription Clothing Providers

Hudson Equipment is proud to be the leading laundry solution specialist for the growing subscription clothing industry. Our laundry experts have over 25 years for experience in commercial laundry and dry cleaning industries and have developed custom laundry solutions for some of America’s largest subscription clothing providers.

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Why partner with Hudson Equipment?

Hudson Equipment are experts in developing cost-effective dry cleaning and commercial laundry solutions for clothing subscription businesses. With our expertise, your business’ in-house laundry operation will be fully supported and your customers will stay satisfied with good-as-new deliveries! Whether you provide monthly fashion boxes or delicate garment rentals for special occasions, we strive to provide custom laundry solutions that will help your subscription clothing business produce impeccable wash results and keep running costs down.

Cost Savings

Annual savings of up to 40% on linen cleaning compared to using an outside linen service.

No Late Deliveries

Your linens are ready on time, every time.

Quality Control

Ensure your linens meet the highest hygiene standards.

Utility Analysis

Laundry Room Design

Efficient Laundry Equipment

Chemical Solutions

Equipment Financing

Repair & Maintenance

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